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Cedar Grove United Methodist Church (Cedar Grove) was established in DeKalb County, Georgia in 1828. Its original name was Morris Church; however, after the planting of a grove of Cedar trees, the name "Cedar Grove" was suggested and stuck.

Cedar Grove has a long rich history in Dekalb County of providing worship, youth, and adult services for the Cedar Grove, Conley and Ellenwood Community. The mission of Cedar Grove is to nurture and unite the community by serving all people through being God-led, Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-empowered. Cedar Grove is also known as "The Church for all of God's people"

because of its diverse congregations and welcoming attitude to all people throughout the years.

Historical records reveals that in 1872, when the Cedar Grove's new frame chapel was built, many ministers through the years have said they felt spiritual nearness in a peculiar way when they entered the church. An older person said he thought this was true because every nail was placed with a loving prayer.

Cedar Grove's prayers were answered in many ways as the church's
congregation and ministries grew. In 1963 the church became too small and needed much repair. As a result, a new sanctuary was built in that year with seating capacity of 250 and it is still our church home today.

Cedar Grove's Martha Forrest Family Life Activity Center, which was built in 1985, has been the source of numerous church and community outreach activities. The Center has served the community for many years as a voting site, place for neighborhood and community meetings, family reunions, health fairs, yard sales, basketball and volleyball games, social, educational, religious and 
other events.

Presently, Cedar Grove's primary service base for youth in the community is its basketball and cheerleader programs, which is a component of the Outreach/Athletic Ministry. This very successful program was designed to address specific recreational needs of the community and has proven to be great source of physical fitness and character building in the lives of young people as well as entertainment for family and friends.

As servants of God, and in keeping with its mission under the leadership of the many faithful pastors Cedar Grove has been blessed to have had Cedar Grove continues to be a light in the community by providing opportunities for children, adults and families to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

 Worship Service
10:55 AM Sundays

Sunday School
10:00 AM Sundays

 Holy Communion
    Every 1st Sunday
 Bible Study
 7:00  PM Wednesdays

  United Methodist Women
Every 2nd Sunday
9:00 AM
United Methodist Men 
  Every 2nd Sunday
9:00 AM

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