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Aging Well Ministry

Great things are happening for the seasoned adult members in the Conley/Ellenwood area. 

 Cedar Grove United Methodist Church is seeking to incorporate the various needs of this special age group in our community into our “Aging Well Ministry.” 

 We know that many of our seasoned adults have done an outstanding job over the years serving their family, their country, their community, and their church. 

  Now that many of them are experiencing a lifestyle change due to retirement or other socioeconomic conditions, we want to make sure that they continue to age well while maintaining their vitality by providing a safe environment and allowing them to experience a variety of planned activities.

Mission Statement: To enhance the spiritual, social, and physical well being of our seasoned adults in the community.

Vision Statement: To provide a safe place for various planned recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities for seasoned adults as they continue to enjoy life and age well.

Location: Cedar Grove United Methodist Church, 3430 Bouldercrest Rd., Conley, GA 30288 – FLAC Building.   404-241-3620

Time: Wednesdays – 10:00am to 12:00am

Activities: Financial Education, Health Education, Visit Nursing Home, Create different mission projects, and Field Trips just to name a few.



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