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Bible study at Cedar Grove UMC
We have been given a wonderful gift that has been passed down for hundreds and thousands of years.  That gift is God's story of salvation which is contained in the book that we call the Bible.  In fact the word Bible means book.
The Gospel is the story of Jesus. There are four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Most people get frustrated when they attempt to read the Bible from Genesis  to Revelation.  It is suggested that you begin with one Gospel story.  The Gospel tells about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  Once you get an understanding of Jesus and his life, then begin to read other books of the Bible.
If you have missed the Bible study classes on Wednesday 7:00PM, you have missed some very lively discussion as well as better understanding of God's word.
Remember, the Bible is the story of God relating to the human race.
It is the story that tells us how God through Jesus Christ has incorporated us by God's mighty acts of salvation, and how we have become a part of the family of God.

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  Every 2nd Sunday 9:00 AM

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