Cedar Grove United Methodist Church
    Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.
Celebrating 189 Years of Ministry ... and still counting.
  Cedar Grove United Methodist Church 
  3430 Bouldercrest Rd 
  Conley, GA 30288
  (404) 241-3620 

How to connect with Cedar Grove United Methodist Church

1. Confession of Faith - persons who are express first time commitment to Christ.

2. Affiliate Membership  - Members of other United Methodist Churches outside of the Cedar Grove area who desire a local church home.

3.   Associate Membership – persons who are members of churches of other denominations who desire a local church home.   

4.   Transfer – persons who come from an existing congregation to become a full member.

5.   Restored – persons who have been inactive members, but they are returning to active.

6.   Reaffirmation of Faith – persons who are already active members yet pledging to increase their commitment.

 Worship Service
10:55 AM Sundays

Sunday School
10:00 AM Sundays

 Holy Communion
    Every 1st Sunday
 Bible Study
 7:00  PM Wednesdays

  United Methodist Women
Every 2ndSunday 9:00 AM
United Methodist Men 
  Every 2nd Sunday 9:00 AM

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