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Witness report 2015

The witness ministry will continue to be proactive in helping to meet the purpose according to the UM church discipline, i.e. The witness ministries of the church shall give attention to developing and strengthening evangelistic efforts of sharing of personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, and service; communications; Lay Speaking Ministries; and other means that give expressions of witness for Jesus Christ.

The witness ministry will support:

Our Mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision: To build a deeper relationship with God and all people through nurture, outreach, witness, and worship.


Our plans include:

1.     On a quarterly basis during church services members of the congregation shares personal testimonies of Christian experience and their faith expressions in witnessing for Christ.  Testimonies can impact people in three way.

·        People who know you are interested in you and your life.

·        Other people can relate to your story.

·        They can't argue with the fact that your life has been changed.


2.      Providing witness communications on the church website and spiritual inserts in church programs.  In addition, Christian tracts will be provided to help communicate the “Good News and great commission” to the congregation and visitors. It is our hope that such communications will help people develop a comfort level in their personal witnessing and begin to spread the gospel.


3.      The witness ministry will continue to host the following annual projects in an effort to serve others and bring the community to the church:

·        Free Movie night /game night

·        Collect school supplies for neighboring schools

·        Host Family and Friends day

·        Host Fall carnival

·        All Saints Sunday

·        Host Christmas project

The witness ministry will continue to seek ways to encourage each other and to support other ministries. We welcome new suggestions that falls into the purpose of witnessing. 



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